Meanwhile back at Captain Gaston's ship, Smart Guy was tied up to the mast by Gaston, while LeFou tried to get Baba Looey, and the male Disney villains stood guard.

Belle V/O: The little lost woodland animal weasel, Smart Guy, thought Captain Gaston was trying to get his revenge on Ventus Pan and his friends. He wanted to kill the Eiffel Tower to destroy it. But it was true, Smart Guy hated male Disney villains. All villains.

"No! No! I won't go with you!" Smart Guy shouted furiously, as he kicked Gaston's head.

"STOP KICKING, BOY!!" Gaston sharply yelled, as he continued, "There is money to be made. We can be rich."

"Captain! This donkey won't cooperate," LeFou groaned, as Baba Looey was standing, ignoring him, and sticking out his tongue. "He's not listening to me!"

"Of course he's not listening to you, fool! For I, Captain Gaston, let Ventus and Kairi go." Gaston said, as he leaned closer to Smart Guy.

"But I don't want to go near that mob. I hate male Disney villains! They don't like me!" Smart Guy explained.

"And do you think I love male Disney villains." Gaston chuckled, as he said, "What a beautiful world without male Disney villains."

Smart Guy sighed sadly, thinking he would never see Ventus, Kairi, Kaa, Vixey, and the others again.

"But, at last one good with resist with male Disney villains." Gaston said, "And indeed, it's then better to be crowded, and rich... then crowded... and...poor." Then he started to sing.

Gaston: When the day is good,
And the wind is dry,
And the goose is hanging high,
I can't work like other men do
When the goose is hanging high.
When the sun is bright
In the big, blue sky,
And the goose is hanging high,
The devil steals my heart away
When the goose is hanging high.
Gold and silver on my mind
Mischief in my soul
I wanna live like the rich man lives
With life in my control!
When the day is bad,
And the wind is wet,
And the goose is flying low,
I gotta work like other men do,
When the goose is flying low.
Day is good,
And the wind is dry,
And the goose is hanging high.
I can't work like other men do
When the goose is hanging high!
The goose is hanging high!

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