(At the Polynesian village, Rev, Junior, and their friends have already returned and Tui, Sina, and their people, already apologized to Yankee's group for accusing them of kidnapping Moana and Junior. Right now, a party is going on and the guests, except Rev, Ace, Tech, Duck, and Slam, are wearing grass skirts, leis, flowers, leaf wristlets, leaf anklets, and swimsuits for the females, with Skippy, who was wearing a leaf headband, a lei, leaf wristlets, a grass skirt, and leaf anklets. Bia, Lexi, Laura, Melina, and Agnes were wearing bikinis and grass skirts (light blue for Bia, pink for Lexi, light green for Laura, aquamarine for Melina, and violet for Agnes). As the group watched, Tui and Sina are in the process of knighting Rev, Ace, Tech, Duck, and Slam, Polynesian style)

Tui: Now, rise.

Rev, Ace, Tech, Duck, and Slam: Yes, your chieftainship.

(As Tui and Sina are making ceremonial gestures, Honey Lemon turned to Yankee)

Honey Lemon: (Whispering) What are Chief Tui and Sina doing, Yankee?

Yankee: (Whispering) They're delivering an oration, in sign language.

Skippy: (Whispering) What are they saying, Yankee?

(Yankee, observing the gestures, translated)

Yankee: (Whispering) Rev Runner, Ace Bunny, Tech E. Coyote, Danger Duck, and Slam Tasmanian, mighty warriors, save Moana and Junior, pay back Pierre, the wolf, and pirates, and make friends, chief and chieftess, heap glad.

Riley: (Whispering) Well, they certainly don't look heap glad. (Giggles quietly)

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