(Fade to the clips of the movie)

  • Narrator: Christopher Storm and the creators of "Fievel Pan 3: The Fun Is Just Began" brings you the story of a young little red-haired PowerPuff Girl named Blossom, who was lonely.
  • Blossom: It's my parents. They're just never around.
  • Narrator: And a young red-haired RowdyRuff Boy named Brick, who longed for adventure.
  • Brick: I'm runnin' away to the circus.

(The crowd applauds)

  • Narrator: While on Neverland, one female purple hedgehog heard them.
  • Queen Aleena: Greeting, friends. I'm Queen Aleena. I'm trying to make a few wishes come true. I invented this: it's a wish radium.
  • Boy's voice: (echoing) I wish.
  • Brick: (in a bubble that Fievel is holding) I wish I had a friend.

Narrator: She sent them some help...

  • Queen Aleena: They want to meet you. What do you say?

(The bubble pops revealing the face of Fievel Mousekewitz who, is holding it)

  • Narrator: From Fievel, Olivia, Bambi, Thumper, Gadget, Jim, Big Daddy Lou, Zachariah, Tyrone, Timothy, Lil' Urle, Pooka, and Flower.
  • Fievel: We'll do it!
  • Queen Aleena: Farewell, my friends! I would just be careful if I were you.
  • Boss Ham-Ham: (holding a "Welcome Fievel and friends" sign) Welcome to New York City!
  • Brick: Who are you guys, anyway?
  • Olivia: We're new friends, actually.
  • Brick: New friends, huh? You do have that look.
  • Fievel: Nice to meet you.
  • Blossom: Blossom Utonium. (bowing before the them) I'm very pleased to meet you.
  • Narrator: Through high-flying adventure...
  • Porcupine: Watch where you're goin'!
  • Narrator: They'll making their way to the big top.
  • Brick: (pointing to the parade) There! Right there.

(Cut to Cat R. Waul turning away to look)

  • Narrator: But the evil Captain Cat R. Waul...
  • Thumper: That's the bad guy!
  • Narrator: ...has other plans.
  • Cat R. Waul: Captain Cat R. Waul's Eccentric Circus! (He shows Brick and Blossom the contract) Standard contract. You wanna sign? (Hypnotizing Blossom)
  • Brick: What are you doin'?! Don't look in the--!
  • Blossom: (hypnotic tone) I can't... help it...
  • Brick: (getting hypnotized by Cat R. Waul)

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