As Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, and the pirates were ready to go to the crystal empire party, Hook opened the door, and he said, "Now remember, when you're introduced to King Bouncer and his daughter Princess Vanilla, make sure to--"

"Wait!" A voice called. It was Rabbit, who was now wearing a purple tuxedo, a blue bow tie, and shiny black shoes, "Please, wait for me! Isn't lovely? Do you like it? Do you think it will do?"

"Well whatdya know? He looks great and wonderful!" Smee sobbed smiled, as he blew his nose on a tissue.

The Ham-Hams watched down from the stairs, smiling.

"Rabbit?!" Starkey gasped in shock, and the pirates panicked.

"Stop right this instant!" Hook demanded, as he continued, "After all you do look very impressive. Don't you, Rabbit?" Rabbit smiled, and Hook slowly walked towards him. "And I never go back on my word." Rabbit gulped in fear, "How very clever."

"Wait a minute, there's something strange going on." Boss added curiously.

"This bow tie. It gives it just the right touch." Hook said.

"Well, that's very nice of you. Thank you." Rabbit smiled.

"Oh, yeah? Don't you think so, Cookson?" Hook asked.

"No, I don't. I think he's--" Cookson said angrily, but he gasped and he exclaimed, "Ugh! Why you little thief!"

"Don't you dare!" Smee demanded, as Hamtaro was about to fight the villains only to get stopped by Boss. "That's my bow tie! Give it here!" He snatched the bow tie, scaring poor Rabbit.

"Oh, no! Oh, my goodness! Don't! Please, stop! You're hurting my feelings!" Rabbit sobbed.

As the pirates tore Rabbit's outfit, Rabbit panicked, crying.

"Boys! That's quite enough." Hook demanded.

"What have you done?" Smee snarled at Hook, but Hook pushed him.

"Now, come. We must get going." Hook said, turning to Rabbit, "Goodnight."

Rabbit gasped in fear, then he started crying, running to the lagoon, and sobbing, "It's not fair. I'll never get to go to the party!"

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