At the haunted dark jungle, there was a chipmunk or squirrel with brown and tan fur, blue eyes, a small black nose, auburn hair, wearing a blue vest and matching boots. Her name was Princess Sally Acorn.

"Sally! Wait for us!" A boy called.

"Guys! hurry up." Sally called, whispering.

As she looks around, six animals came for her, panting. One of them was a rat with white buck-teeth, a black nose, whiskers, and four hairs, wearing an electric plug hat, goggles, a battery pack, electric-blue gloves, matching boots, and a yellow jumpsuit. His name was Megavolt.

The second one was a goose with red hair, wearing a maroon shirt. His name was Tank Muddlefoot.

The third one was a half-duck and half-plant creature with green feathers, purple hair, and blue eyes. His name was Bushroot.

The fourth one was a duck wearing a tutu around his neck and a jester costume. His name was Quackerjack.

The fifth one was a blue water-like dog. His name was Liquidator.

The sixth and last one was a goose wearing glasses and a green shirt. He also has a backpack on his back. His name was Honker Muddlefoot, Tank's younger brother.

"You know we can't run that fast." Tank said.

"There it is." Sally said, pointing at the deep, dark forest, saying, "Isn't fantastic?"

"Yeah." Liquidator said.

"Sure. It's great." Megavolt explained.

"But let's get out of here." Bushroot gulped.

Sally sighed and said, "You're not getting cold hands now, are you?"

"Who, me? No way." Bushroot said, "It's that, uh, it looks damp in there, yeah. And, yeah, I think I may be coming down with something."

"Yeah, I got this cough." Quackerjack said, as he coughed.

"Alright. Megavolt, Tank, Liquidator, Honker, and I'm going inside." Sally said, "You two can just stay here and watch out for Carnotaurs."

"Okay." Bushroot and Quackerjack said, as Sally, Megavolt, Tank, Liquidator, and Honker went inside the dark.

"Yeah, you guys go." Quackerjack whispered.

"We'll stay here and..." Bushroot said, suddenly scared. "WHAT?!"

"CARNOTAURS?!" Quackerjack shouted in horror.

"Sally!" Bushroot and Quackerjack yelped, as they went in, but suddenly get's stuck in the hole.

"Sally...!" Bushroot grunted.

"We can't...! I mean." Quackerjack grunts.

"Sally, help!" Bushroot called.

Sally giggled, saying, "Oh, Bushroot and Quackerjack."

"Sally, do you think there could be Carnotaurs around here?" Bushroot whispered.

"Guys, don't be such scaredy cats." Sally said.

"We're not scaredy cats." Quackerjack said.

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