Snapshot 1 (11-16-2015 8-31 AM)

Thee next morning, trouble problem is a brewing on the lose, lost animal ducks were running from "Disney Afternoon" Villains.

The first one was a half-duck and half-plant creature with green feathers, purple hair, and blue eyes. His name was Bushroot.

The second one was a duck wearing a tutu around his neck and a jester costume. His name was Quackerjack.

"Stop! Thieves!" Fat Cat shouted.

"I won't let you get the winner Master Crane for you, lost animals!" Hotshot said.

"All this with all the gingerbread?" Quackerjack explained.

"No choice! C'mon!" Bushroot said, as he quickly grabbed Quackerjack by the arm he build a swing to slide, "HOLD ON!!"

They slid down the ground and gave high-fives.

"There they are!" Taurus Bulba called to the "Disney Afternoon" Villains.

"You let them get away!" Hoof explained.

"Get ya later." Quackerjack said, while sticking his tongue.

Suddenly, Bushroot and Quackerjack heard the girls' giggling, they saw Minnie Mouse, Alice Liddell, and Wendy Darling giggle at them.

"I got them!" Wacky Weasel said, as he grabs them, but fail.

"Good morning, ladies." Bushroot and Quackerjack said.

"Getting along with you two trouble this time. Huh, Bushroot and Quackerjack?" Minnie said.

"Well, maybe. But this time--" Quackerjack added.

"GOTCHA!" Flygirl said, while tied up Bushroot and Quackerjack like a cowboy rope.

"We're in trouble." Bushroot and Quackerjack gulped.

"The captain will be so proud of us for--" Flygirl added. But she ended up getting caught by a green squirrel covered in candy, his name was Nutty, cover her eyes, while he's giggling.

"Perfect time day, Nutty. As useful." Quackerjack said.

"That's me." Nutty said.