Performed by: Lea Salonga (Mulan)

Meanwhile, back in London, Prince Adam and Mulan arrived home from the party and they freed Berlioz, Toulouse, Marie, and Oliver from the ropes, and they led them to the children's room. The kittens meowed with happiness.

Mulan smiled as she turned to Adam. "Adam, I'm so glad you changed your mind about Viper. After all, she's still a teenage snake." At the party, Mulan had a chat with Li Shang, and her new husband agreed to let Viper stay with Pixie and Dixie in the nursery for a while.

Adam yawned and said, "Pshaw, Mulan. You know I never mean those things. Do I, Berlioz?"

"Oh, of course not." said Berlioz. Then he turned to Toulouse, saying, "Don't you agree, Toulouse?"

"I agree!" said Toulouse.

"Me too, Toulouse!" said Marie.

"Me three, Marie!" Oliver smiled. Mulan opened the door and gasped. Viper was not in her bed. She was gone! And Pixie and Dixie were not in their beds, either. They were gone too!

Mulan was panicked. "Viper! Pixie! Dixie! Children, where are you?" The children were not in London anymore. Mulan was heartbroken and she began to cry. The kittens meowed in sadness and sorrow. Adam felt ashamed of himself for being too hard on his own adoptive daughter.

Just then, a divorce lawyer came in the nursery and asked, "Fa Mulan?"

Mulan sadly nodded. "Sign here, please." Then Mulan wrote her name on the divorce paper and the divorce lawyer told Adam that he can no longer be with his own wife and children anymore.

As soon as the divorce lawyer left the nursery, Adam felt guilty. He left the house and into the garden in sadness.

Mulan knelt by the nursery window and took out a picture of herself and Adam and began to sing:

Mulan: There was a time
When I was sure
That you and I were truly one
That our future was forever
And would never come undone
And we came so close to being close
And though you cared for me
There's distance in your eyes tonight
So we're not meant to be
The love is gone
The love is gone
The sweetest dream
That you have ever known
The love is gone
The love is gone
I wish you well
But I must leave you now alone
There comes a moment in your life
Like a window and you see
Your future there before you
And how perfect life can be
But adventure calls with unknown voices
Pulling you away
Be careful or you may regret
The choice you make someday
When love is gone
When love is gone
The sweetest dream
That we have ever known
When love is gone
When love is gone
I wish you well
But I must leave you now alone
It was almost love
It was almost always
It was like a fairytale we'd live out
You and I
And yes, some dream come true
And yes, some dreams fall through
And yes, the time has come for us to say goodbye
Yes, some dreams come true
Yes, some dreams fall through
And yes, the time has come for us to say goodbye

Meanwhile, back in Neverland, the song ended and Diamond Tiara began to cry and hugged Ronno, crying. "Oh, there, there, Diamond Tiara." Diamond Tiara wept bitterly while hugging Ronno, who feels sad.

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