Performed by Kate Higgins (Amy Rose)

Amy Rose and her brothers Miles "Tails" Prower and Charmy Bee ran as fast as they could to catch up with their adoptive family. Her boyfriend Knuckles the Echidna and his best friend Angel followed them while Young Simba, Flounder, Chip, Dale, Thumper, and Flower watched in shock.

"Wait! Wait!" cried Amy, "Please don't leave; we are coming! Don't leave us again!"

Prince Edward, Giselle, Boo Boo Bear, Yogi Bear, Anne Marie, Charlie Barkin, Itchy, and Roger Rabbit drove back home in their mobile home. "Daddy," said Anne Marie. "she's probably miles away by now."

Amy, Tails, and Charmy stopped running and looked sad to see their adoptive family leave Neverland. Knuckles and Angel stopped to comfort the children. "We're too late!" Tails sighed sadly. "They don't love us!" added Charmy. "Don't be sad," Angel said in a soothing voice. "We'll visit them another time." But Amy started to cry.

Amy remembered telling her old father Proteus that the Knuckles the Echidna stories she tells Tails and Charmy weren't silly when he said they were. She remembered telling Giselle that she didn't want to grow up during bedtime and telling her that she had saved Knuckles's shadow for him.

So lonely
Missing you each day
I pray if only
For a moment I could see
Your smiling face
You take away
This emptiness inside of me
But I'll be strong
Until we meet

Amy, Tails, and Charmy sadly stared at their reflections in the water. Amy sniffled and rubbed her eye as a tear slid down her cheek and fell into the water, showing images of Giselle, Edward, Boo Boo and Anne Marie. Their images rippled to go back to the children's sad expressions.

I miss you
Long to hear you laugh again
To kiss you
Let you know that life begins
When I'm by your side
Holding you tight
You gave me strength to brave it all
Faith and hope
When darkness starts to fall

Suddenly, a heavy wind began to blow. Amy, Tails, and Charmy shivered in fear and sadness. Then an enormous flash of lightning, followed by a loud clap of thunder, scared the children, causing them to cry.

When the wind blows cold and threatening
Nobody's there to comfort me
Someone somewhere hear my plea
Until then
Please let me know

Amy got back to her memories with her family. She remembered coming home from Neverland and hugging Giselle. She remembered telling Proteus that the Lost Boys went back to Neverland with Knuckles and Angel because they were not yet ready to grow up yet. And she remembered watching the ship fly in the sky with Proteus, Giselle, Robespierre, Juane Tom, and Mewsette.

How long till
I hear your heart singing
That sweet song when
I'll be there
To sing along in harmony
Just you and me
The music stops when you're not here
But my heart sings
Until you're near to me

During the instrumental section, Amy remembered sleeping in bed with Tails and Charmy while Giselle read them a bedtime story. She remembered the next night when Proteus read them a bedtime story.

Oh, can you even hear my cries
That call your name
Beneath the stars tonight

Suddenly, a flash of lightning, followed by a clap of thunder, frightened Amy and her brothers again. But Amy, Tails, and Charmy were too scared to run away and hide. So they sat down beside a tree and fell asleep there.

When the wind blows cold and threatening
Nobody's there to comfort me
Somehow, someone hear my plea
Until then
I hope you know

Amy remembered having dinner and dessert with her family in the dining room. She remembered when she and her brothers moved to Neverland with Knuckles, Angel, and the Lost Boys, they got their picture taken.

I need you
To chase away the clouds
So I can see you
Run through fields of flowers
Like we used to do
Just we two
Hold onto the memories
Until that day
I'm holding you again

Then snow began to fall outside of Hangman's Tree one cold November morning.

Good night, my friend
Good night

When the song ended, Amy started to cry again. "I'll never see them," she sobbed. Tears rolled down her cheeks. "What'll I do now?" "Everything will be OK, Amy." Knuckles said, patting her back. Meanwhile, she heard some voices coming from another place. It was Simba. He was whispering to his friends about playing Knuckles the Echidna and Dr. Eggman.

"OK, Thumper, here's the plan." he said, whispering in Thumper's ear. "We're gonna do a play." Next, he whispered into Dale's ear. "You'll be Knuckles." Then he whispered into Chip's ear. "You'll be Dr. Eggman." The Lost Boys jumped up in excitement and ran to their places.

Flower walked over to Amy, Tails, and Charmy, who were still crying. "I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to visit them," he said, circulating around them. His voice choked up a little, and his eyes filled with tears. "But please don't cry; you'll make me cry, too!"