Takes place before Zurg and Hades ask for last requests.

(Zurg spoke up mockingly on Sora, Riku, and Roxas’ “good triumphs over evil” speech)

Zurg: (Mockingly) Ooh, we’re so scared of that speech. (Seriously) As if! Also, we decided while you were unconscious that we’ll not kill you. Instead, we’ll make you…. Us.

(He laughs evilly as Sora, Riku, Roxas, and the Gangreen Gang got shocked on what Zurg, Hades, and the pirates’ plan is. Zurg and Hades then gloated)

Zurg and Hades: We are the greatest villains of all time!

(Short pause, then Ace spoke up with a glare)

Ace: You wish.

Zurg: Oh, we’re wishing, alright!

Hades: Little specks like you guys should just be seen and not heard.

(Zurg and Hades then turned to their crew)

Zurg: Who was Blackbeard?

Crew: Nobody!

Hades: Who was Loki?

Crew: Nobody!

Zurg and Hades: Who was Jack the Ripper?

Crew: Nobody!

(Then, Zurg and Hades started singing)

Zurg and Hades: Who’re the swiniest swines

In the world

Crew: (Singing) Captain Zurg

Admiral Hades

Zurg and Hades: (Singing) Who’re the dirtiest dogs

In this wonderful world

Crew: (Singing) Captain Zurg

Admiral Hades

Zurg: (Singing) Captain of villainy

Murder and loot

Hades: (Singing) Eager to kill any

Who says his hook isn’t cute

Pain and Panic: It’s cute!

Zurg and Hades: (Singing) Who’re the slimiest rats

In the pack

Crew: (Singing) Captain Zurg

Admiral Hades

Zurg: (Singing) Who’re unlovable

Crew: You!

Hades: (Singing) Who’re unlivable

Crew: You!

Zurg and Hades: (Singing) Whose existence

Is just unforgivable

Crew: You!

Zurg and Hades: (Singing) Who would stoop

To the lowest

And cheapest

Tricks in the book

Crew: (Singing) Tricks in the book

Blimey, slimey, Captain Zurg

Warp: And Admiral Hades!

(They start dancing around)

Crew: (Singing) Captain Zurg

Admiral Hades

Hades: C’est moi!

(The bumbling crew members continued dancing as the serious ones stopped)

Crew: (Singing) Captain Zurg

Zurg: Yes!

Crew: (Singing) Admiral Hades

Hades: Yes!

(The bumbling crew members then start la-laing as they continued to dance when Zurg, Hades, and the serious crew members got annoyed)

Zurg: Stop that!

(He pulled his gun out and fired in the sky, making the bumbling crew members stop dancing and la-laing)

Zurg: Nauseating collection of sheep poo!

(The prisoners snickered at them until Hunter J and the Stabbington Brothers glared at them, making them stop. Zurg and Hades then in rhythm slapped Gangreen Gang’s faces, much to their agitation. After that’s done, Zurg and Hades turned to their crew)

Zurg: Who’re the swiniest?

Crew: Swiniest!

Hades: The doggiest?

Crew: Doggiest!

Zurg and Hades: The slimiest?

Crew: Slimiest!

Zurg and Hades: (Singing) Who’re the creepiest creeps

In the world

Crew: (Singing) Captain Zurg

Admiral Hades

Zurg: (Singing) Who’re dispensable

Crew: You!

Hades: (Singing) Reprehensible

Crew: You!

Zurg and Hades: (Singing) Whose behaviors

Are just indefensible

Crew: You!

Zurg and Hades: (Singing) Who’re the crawlingiest

Cruelest crumiest

Crookedest crooks

Crew: (Singing) Crookedest Crook

What a prize

What a joy

Zurg: (Singing) Mama Zurg’s little baby boy

(He gestures his hook while Hades gestured his old bite marks)

Crew: (Singing) The scourges of the sea

Hades: Yes, yes, yes.

Zurg and Hades: Just little old us

Zurg, Hades, and crew: (Singing) Captain Zurg

And Admiral Hades

(The crew chanted Zurg and Hades’ names as Zurg and Hades held their notes)

Zurg, Hades, and crew: (Singing) Yo ho

(The song over, Sora then spoke up flatly and sarcastically)

Sora: (Flatly and sarcastically) Nice song. Really.

(Ignoring his flat sarcastic comment, Hades asked them sneeringly)

Hades: (Sneeringly) Any last requests?

And then the rest of the story continues….

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