Princess Celestia V/O: A long time ago in Neverland, Master Crane, Viper, Pixie, Dixie, and five lost animals are exploring through the world place to live. But the next morning, it happens.

We see Captain Negaduck, Stan, Heff, and all various "Disney Afternoon" villains came out of the bushes and see something. It was a blue water-like dog named Liquidator playing in the water, laughing along with Pluto, Spike, and Skunk; who were now playing with him.

"Aha! He's the one who's going with us." Negaduck said to the "Disney Afternoon" Villains.

"Yes, but how do you know that?" Stan explained.

"These are the woodland sidekicks." Heff said.

"They certainly are." Negaduck chuckled.

Then we see the fun friends playing in the waterfall.

"Come on, new friends! Come on!" Liquidator said, excitedly. "Quick, Pluto. Smile!"

Pluto barks happily as he run through the waterfall.

"And you Spike, be a cheerful dragon." Liquidator explained.

"I'm on it!" Spike said, as he runs through the waterfall.

"Oh, Skunk. You can do better." Liquidator said.

"Okay." Skunk said, as he runs through the waterfall. "I hope we don't run anymore "Disney Afternoon" Villains."

But Skunk was wrong, they didn't know Negaduck, Stan, Heff, and all various "Disney Afternoon" villains spotted the friends, seeing them play.

"Oh, he'll make me rich once and for all." Negaduck said to Stan and Heff.

"But, Boss. That blue water-like dog doesn't like horror villains." Stan said.

"They don't like us either." Heff explained.

"You fools! I think we bought the rope." Negaduck whispered, as he, Stan, Heff, and the "Disney Afternoon" villains went over the waterfall.


Liquidator turns around and gasps in shock, then Negaduck ties him up.

"Let me go! Do you hear me?! Let me GO!" Liquidator shouted.

Pluto gasped as he runs over to save Liquidator.

"Get the dog!" Negaduck demanded.

Taurus Bulba quickly grabbed Pluto by the rope.

"Let my friends go!" Spike snapped angrily, as he fire breaths onto Wacky Weasel.

"The Dragon, too!" Negaduck demanded.

And Wacky quickly grabs Spike. Skunk uses his stink fire with his tail on Hotshot.

"The skunk, you fool! Grab the skunk!" Negaduck demanded.

"But why?! It stinks horribly bad!" Flygirl said.

"Stop doing anything wrong! DO IT!" Negaduck shouted, seriously

Flygirl quickly grabs Skunk. Liquidator struggles to untie free, but fail and gets gaged by Hotshot.

"Blue Water-Like Dog, you may not believe me. But this is the luckiest day of your LIFE!" Negaduck said in the evil tone.

Bijou gasped as she said, "I have to get Crane, Viper, Pixie, Dixie, and the others for help!" then she rushed away to get help.

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